By Tim Treacy

Elton John, Venice 2001So this is a picture of me during the summer of 2001. I was back-packing around Europe at the time. I had met the 3 girls in this photo on a train from Paris to Brussels, I latched onto them (or they took me in) and formed a great, be it, temporary friendship. We spent about 3 weeks travelling together around Belgium, Holland and Italy before we went our separate ways, I went on to Switzerland they went on to Greece.

Anyway, this photo was taking on a Sunday evening in Venice. The four of us decided to sit outside our hostel along one of Venice’s main canals and enjoy the sun with some Champagne, Sambuca and beer, (notice the bottle of Champagne in my hand).

Long story short, Elton John walks by and Maria, the girl in the back with the head band, was first to notice him. She whispered to me “Elton John just walked by us.” Of course I thought she was having me on, but then she took off like a grey hound after him. Elton later told us that he thought Maria was going to mug him. Ha. That always makes me laugh. So, we got our picture with Elton. Myself, Maria, Barbara and Claire, enjoying a blissful and gorgeous evening in Venice during the summer of 2001. (I haven’t seen the girls since but keep in touch with Maria via Facebook!)