So everyone on social media today was talking about 12/12/12 12:12PM. However, I didn’t realize it was 12/12/12 until 12:13PM. I let out a loud yell of regret when it was pointed out to me by a coworker. I had no special plan to mark the event but I guess I wanted to be in solidarity with most others around the world in recognizing it. Maybe I would take a moment of silence, maybe text those close to me, maybe do nothing and just stare at the clock. Who knows. I had no plan but I wanted to be a witness to it. But I missed my chance. The only time in 1000 lifetimes to witness this event and I blew it. Not until the year 3012 will it be 12/12/12 again. Sigh.

Then (drum roll) this afternoon I was looking at my Hailo e-receipt from last night, and well it made my day. I took a Hailo cab last night from Beacon Street at 11:57PM. I arrived at my destination some time later and received my e-receipt as usual. I didn’t look at it until this afternoon. To my great surprise, my fare transaction and subsequent e-receipt went through at 12:12AM on 12/12/12. HOW AWESOME IS THAT! My own piece of history.

Here’s my receipt.

12-12Preview of “Gmail - Hailo taxi receipt”I don’t know about you, but I think this is bloody brilliant!