Another month has come and gone and we’re now in the home stretch of 2015!

As usual, our favorite social networks debuted numerous updates and changes, the majority of which were from Facebook. YouTube and Pinterest each announced major adjustments to their platforms —YouTube introduced an ad-free experience called YouTube Red, and Pinterest launched seamless integration with Google Maps.

Here’s a recap of the top 10 social media updates from October 2015:


  1. Facebook’s ‘Other’ inbox is being replaced with a more noticeable feature — Message Requests. The Other inbox used to contain messages from people you have no connection with on Facebook. These would often end up being spam accounts, but occasionally a message from someone you know would end up there.

  1. Facebook has made its entire index of public posts searchable. Previously, conducting a search on Facebook would return results from friends, family, Pages you like, and other sources you had some affiliation with. Now, just like Twitter and other social networks, conducting a search on Facebook will return results from everyone who published a post containing that keyword.
  1. Everyone with Facebook’s iOS app will have access to content published via Instant Articles. Instant Articles will be highlighted in News Feed with a lightning bolt icon in the top right corner of the post. Articles with the lightning bolt icon are said to load 10 times faster than a standard article.
  1. Several of the key features native to YouTube’s mobile app are now coming to Facebook videos. Perhaps the most notable new feature is the ability to collapse a video into a floating window.
  1. It is possible that someone on the Facebook design team is a Snapchatter as some recent profile enhancements are straight out of Snapchat’s playbook. The three main enhancements provide further opportunities for people to express themselves on the world’s largest social network, including a new profile videos, improved profile controls, and design improvements.


  1. Instagram launched a new official account — appropriately titled @instagramforbusiness — with the express purpose of sharing business tips and case studies. The company explains that businesses have been an integral part of Instagram since the beginning — with many more expected to join the platform following the launch of Instagram ads.


  1. Place Pins on Pinterest can now provide directions to pinned locations via Google Maps. Location info, available through either Google Maps or Apple Maps, will be automatically added to the 7 billion existing place Pins, the company stated in an announcement. All place Pins going forward will contain this new functionality.


  1. Twitter’s organic search traffic on desktop is up 20 percent in the six months since Google started reindexing tweets in real-time. According to the SimilarWeb study, that equates to an extra 35 million monthly visits. There’s also been an increase of people staying on Twitter after landing on it from Google search. According to the study, Twitter’s desktop bounce rate decreased 6.5 percent in the last four months. Numbers going up always looks good on paper, but what difference does it make if Twitter is getting more traffic? For one, it gets more eyes on your tweets when people search for your name or your company’s name. Additionally, depending on the content of your tweets, a greater Twitter presence in Google could lead to more traffic to your website (Mass.Gov), more interactions with constituents, more followers, and more retweets and shares. Stay tuned.
  1. Twitter’s support team announced the number of accounts you can follow has increased from 2,000 to 5,000 before you hit a ceiling or ratio limit. And last week, (yes, I know it’s November), Twitter replaced the orange star “favorite” icon with a red heart “like” icon.


  1. To meet the demands of YouTube viewers, the company launched an ad-free subscription service on October 28. The new experience, called YouTube Red, is said to be designed to give viewers “exactly what they want” — offering ad-free and offline viewing capabilities.